Extreme Metal
Band Members
Morgane Rake
Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass

Andreas Gray

Melodic Death Metal Band
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Black Coven was originally founded in early 2016 as a three-piece band, already including current members Morgane Rake (Vocals, Lead Guitar) and Andreas Gray (Drums). In March 2018 the band hit the studio to record their second analog three-track demo, EVERLOST,


produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by A. Kippo @ Astia-studio A (Lappeenranta, Finland). Recorded on Otari MTR-90mk2 2″ 24 track tape machine and mixed to 1/4″ tape on Studer A812 stereo tape machine.


Traditional 90s Melodic Death Metal is one of the main influences on the band’s sound which is determined by the riff-oriented, melody-driven guitarwork accompanied by relentlessly pounding drums. The vocals, ranging between dark growlings and rather high-pitched screams, complete the songs.