Band Members
András Satanský Válečník (Lead Guitar)
Mantus (Bass Guitar)
Andreas Gray (Drums)

Death/Black Metal Band

BLACK COVEN was originally founded in early 2016

Stella Sofia Kussauer
“Morgane Rake” (Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass)
Andreas Gray (Drums)

In 2017, after a year of intense rehearsing and songwriting, the four-track Demo “MIDWINTER GATEWAYS” was released. Traditional 90s Melodic Death Metal is one of the main influences on the band’s sound which is determined by the riff-oriented, melody-driven guitarwork accompanied by relentlessly pounding drums. The vocals, ranging between dark growlings and rather high-pitched screams, complete the songs.

2018 we released our first EP “EVERLOST”.
Produced, analog-recorded, mixed & mastered by
Anssi Kippo @Astia-studio A (Finland).

Appearance in METAL HAMMER Portugal with the song “Ablazing Dawn”.

In 2021 BLACK COVEN welcomes Stephan Eglau, an excellent and solid bassist in its ranks.
Andreas and Stephan persistently continued to work on new song material after a period of preparation. This allowed MORGANE RAKE to focus exclusively on pushing the vocals to ever increasing extremes.

2023 the Black Coven Project changed as a Death/Black Metal Band